Gutter Downspout Drain

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Q: Why might I need a Gutter Downspout Drain?

A: Roof water that is not taken away from the home or business can cause damage to the foundation and/or basement as well as promote mold growth. In many cases, water issues can be completely avoided/ resolved by simply draining the gutter water away from the structure.

Q: What type of pipe is used?

A: Typically a 4” PVC drainage pipe is used for most applications while some cases may require an upgrade to 6” pipe. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride; A synthetic resin that the pipe is made up of. This material is specifically designed for outdoor drainage applications.

Q: How deep is the pipe installed?

A: Enough to grow grass back over the pipe, leaving at least 3-4 inches of dirt on top. Downspout drainage pipes do not have to be buried deep underground. It’s more important to maintain proper pitch to ensure the water flows smoothly and consistently to its destination.

Q: Where does the water go?

A: The water from the gutters is dispersed either out to daylight or out through a ‘pop up system’. When brought to daylight, the very end of the pipe is exposed in an area that will allow for further natural drainage.

‘A pop up system’ acts as a mini drywell. The pipe remains underground ending in a small gravel pit, which is also buried underground. The water is then allowed to disperse into the gravel. The pop up fitting is placed on top to allow an escape for excess water when the drywell becomes fully saturated.

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