Footing Drain

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Q: Why might I need a Footing Drain?

A: If your basement floor is experiencing excessive flooding and water damage, or if your foundation walls are cracked or leaking, these are strong indicators that you are in need of a footing drain.

Q: What if my foundation is compromised? Wouldn’t I need a foundation repair rather than a drain?

A: Both. The cracks in your foundation most certainly need to be repaired but we also want to address what most likely is causing the damage. In most cases, it is the lack of proper drainage at the footing which causes a build up of excess water along the foundation walls, thus compromising the integrity of the foundation.

Q: The water is coming from the floor…now what?

A: Having a functioning and properly placed drain around your foundations footing will draw any water trapped under the floor by means of hydrostatic pressure. Basically, water always follows the path of least resistance, and the gravel in the footing drain creates an easy path for the water to run into the drain pipe and away from the basement.

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