Curtain Drain

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Q: Why might I need a Curtain Drain?

A: If you’re finding standing water on your lawn or need to protect a structure from surface water runoff, a curtain drain would be the best solution for you.

Q: Is this the same thing as a French Drain?

A: Yes and no. A French Drain is just a vague term used to describe a drain consisting of pipe and gravel. It can be said that a Curtain Drain is a “French Drain” that is strategically placed in a specific area in order to perform a specific function; mainly diverting water away from a structure or flooded area.

Q: Will I see the drain or is it covered with topsoil?

A: It depends on a number of factors including the percolation rate of the soil, the application of the drain, and the aesthetic preferences of the customer. Exposed drains are typically needed when there is a heavy presence of clay on site, or to handle excessive amounts of water at high rates. Exposed drains are often times “dressed up” using decorative stone, depending on the customers preference. If the drain is covered with topsoil , many times a swale will be created over the drain in order to trap the surface water and allow enough time for it percolate through the dirt and into the drain. A layer of filter fabric is always placed over the drain, preventing any sediment from settling into the gravel or the pipe.

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